Chrome (Wrapper) App

I’ve put together a quick-shortcut for those using the “Google Chrome” web browser. It is packaged as a Web App, meaning it will display on the New Tab Page and clicking it will bring you straight to the site. No more needing of bookmarks or typing of URLs! You can download the shortcut here*

What’s New In Version 2.0?

  • The app has been re-built (I forgot there was one out!)
  • A new logo for the app to match the sites newest design.
  • Removed some non-needed code (permissions, URLs etc.).
  • Massive reduction in download size, (Primarily due to the new lightweight brand)
  • Re-Worded the description
  • Some other behind the scene changes.

Existing users should be updated automatically over the next few hours.

*Please note, when downloading the app you will be prompted with an info bar at the top of the page saying that it cannot be installed. As a work-around please visit chrome://extensions in your browser and drop the file there. This is primarily to protect your security from unknown extensions!