It’s Upsetting What Can Happen In A Year

One year, two months, one week and four days. That was the last time I saw my grandparents. Now my grandma has always had a disability, I have never been too sure what, but since I have last seen her she has really deteriorated. I don not want to go into detail with it at […]

A Tale With Two Heads

I don’t really know what to say tonight, but I’m going to keep this week short and sweet, for all of our sakes. So lets see, in the end it was a four hour drive straight through, so it really wasn’t bad at all We were pretty much greeted with a Sunday Lunch, which is […]

Your Wish Is My Command

Remember how yesterday I wanted to go away for a bit? Well I now am, pretty rad eh? Yes, I did just use the word “rad” you know ’cause I’m just far too cool like that and don’t you try to deny it, it’s why you’re here So yes! I am going away, but I’m […]

Say Whatttt

So let’s jump straight to this It’s Friday, it’s half term. I refuse to spend the week at home, I worked like mad to finish the work on time just so I could have the half term off. I thought yeah, go away for a bit, see my grandparents. But now my mum has changed […]

So This Is How It Works

I’m assuming you’ve all realised, I’ve changed webhosts. That’s why I’ve had so much hassle being online and offline I can’t say it’s fixed until “48 hours”. So about Saturday. However, it’s still online after almost 24 hours, so fingers crossed it’s all fixed! Yes, basically I’ve changed for my reasons, I wasn’t blogging as […]

It’s All Up And Down

Just a quick update. As you know I have been having numerous problems with the site, this is due to a problem with my webhost and domain incompatibility. I will have all of these fixed by next week at the latest -Sorry for the inconvinience Shortlink On…FacebookTwitterGoogle+0

Well This Is Awkward

I was going to blog tonight, but, urm. I’m kind of locked out site… Yeah, you lot might find it funny.. I don’t, so just kind of bare with me while I attempt to fix this. Shortlink On…FacebookTwitterGoogle+0