Nerdish Nonsense

Site Maintenance

Every now and then things break or just need tweaking… Or sometimes they never worked from the start. I don’t know if you remember but at the start I managed to lock myself out and then had a lot of issues with the site there after. You see, I never did fix these and now […]

What Is

I just have to point out a few quick couple of things, as you may notice I know longer use “” I use “”. However, there IS a difference between "” and “” one links to the site, the other links to the shortener. Usually you shouldn’t have to worry about this, but if you […]

Let’s See How This Goes

Okay, so I felt I should post something tonight seeing as I haven’t in a while… But then I stumbled off the re-occurring issue of what to say. So I guess I’m just gonna type and see where I get with this eh? One thing I do need to say is remember a few blogs […]


First off, this isn’t a proper blog so you can stop reading now if you wish. I can finally announce that Facebook Connect is fully working on my site! As most of you know I’ve had multiple issues with the commenting system, but today all is fixed. Full Facebook support and full Twitter support along […]

Oh Snap Look At That

Okay, so just a few quick things. It’s not denial I haven’t posted anything in the past few days, but I have a good reason why! I’ve been working on a few things, one of them being a Tweet Box; The second one being an Extension for Google Chrome, this ties in with the Toolbar’s […]

Your Wish Is My Command

Remember how yesterday I wanted to go away for a bit? Well I now am, pretty rad eh? Yes, I did just use the word “rad” you know ’cause I’m just far too cool like that and don’t you try to deny it, it’s why you’re here So yes! I am going away, but I’m […]