Hey, You Guys!

I’d blog tonight, but I’m in one of those lazy moods where I’ve done nothing all day and can’t think of anything to write. So there’s nothing here, however… I’m hungry, and I have a new comment box. So how about you use the new comment box to tell me what to eat? (New tutorial […]

Two Equals One

Two Equals One

If you just pretend that we’re yesterday this will go quite smoothly So yes, today (I hope you’re pretending!!) I went to the Wax Works museum and Sea Life centre, I’ve been to these two or three times before so I’ve no idea why we went again, but heh, it was fun so I’m not […]

A Tale With Two Heads

I don’t really know what to say tonight, but I’m going to keep this week short and sweet, for all of our sakes. So see, in the end it was a four hour drive straight through, so it really wasn’t bad at all We were pretty much greeted with a Sunday Lunch, which is […]

Your Wish Is My Command

Remember how yesterday I wanted to go away for a bit? Well I now am, pretty rad eh? Yes, I did just use the word “rad” you know ’cause I’m just far too cool like that and don’t you try to deny it, it’s why you’re here So yes! I am going away, but I’m […]

Say Whatttt

So let’s jump straight to this It’s Friday, it’s half term. I refuse to spend the week at home, I worked like mad to finish the work on time just so I could have the half term off. I thought yeah, go away for a bit, see my grandparents. But now my mum has changed […]

So This Is How It Works

I’m assuming you’ve all realised, I’ve changed webhosts. That’s why I’ve had so much hassle being online and offline I can’t say it’s fixed until “48 hours”. So about Saturday. However, it’s still online after almost 24 hours, so fingers crossed it’s all fixed! Yes, basically I’ve changed for my reasons, I wasn’t blogging as […]

It’s All Up And Down

Just a quick update. As you know I have been having numerous problems with the site, this is due to a problem with my webhost and domain incompatibility. I will have all of these fixed by next week at the latest -Sorry for the inconvinience

Well This Is Awkward

I was going to blog tonight, but, urm. I’m kind of locked out site… Yeah, you lot might find it funny.. I don’t, so just kind of bare with me while I attempt to fix this.