Just A Number

There’s one thing which has become more annoying to me recently. A follower count. The sudden urge for them seems to have grown. Yes, I suppose there’s always been a “competition” on who has the most (I was once part of this myself…), but recently it appears to have become a lot worse. I’m not […]

Learn By Doing

I’d started to realise that I’ve been a little bit neglective (is that even a real word?) towards this over the past few weeks. Whilst you may think it’s common, I told myself this year I wouldn’t take such long breaks in posting. I guess I didn’t stick to that advice eh? So I opted […]

Happy New Year!

We’ve had Christmas, we’ve had the … strange week where people are working as normal, others are still off, now it’s time for the New Year. For many of us, it’ll be no different. for some, perhaps a year of chance, or a new start and for others; perhaps it’s finally the year they stick […]

Merry Christmas

Christmas day is finally here, the most exciting day of the month(s) for some, yet a day people dread for others. All-in-all, a majority of the time I believe they always turn out good! This year, as well as sending Christmas wishes to you all! I’d like to also share with you one of my […]