First things first, I should tell you my name is Daniel.

I started up this blog because I loved to moan. I also love the English language, and the sophisticated grammar to it. But sometimes, you just can’t beat the small and simple words!

I love coding. It’s a passion, a career, and a hobby. The passion started in my childhood, when I had to make a rather simple HTML document. I had little idea about what I was doing at the time, but the end result fascinated me, once I had seen it working in the web browser!
From here, I tried to incorporate front-end web design in my work where possible.
Across the years, I’ve developed my skills into further languages, beyond the basics of HTML and CSS, and now pursue my passion as a career! Learning more each day.

Twitter is another thing I’m apparently passionate about. I use it almost daily, it’s probably my primary form of communication with people too. People would say I use it far too much, but I think it’s a brilliant tool to interact, and meet new people.

Feel free to drop me an email sometime, I’m always up for a chat. [email protected].

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