Just A Number

There’s one thing which has become more annoying to me recently. A follower count.

The sudden urge for them seems to have grown. Yes, I suppose there’s always been a “competition” on who has the most (I was once part of this myself…), but recently it appears to have become a lot worse. I’m not sure how many others have you have noticed, but the amount of people post “RT for a follow” has increased, even from those who didn’t previously do it. It’s not even automated apps anymore.

Yes, I see, it’s a number, the higher number wins who thing. But looking at it from a different point of view, what’s the point in having 1,000+ followers if you’re only going to interact with a handful of them? Speaking from experience, I probably interact1 with about 200 (of the ~900) of my following. As for followers, I have no idea how many of read my Tweets, or visit the links I visit. Though taking an educated guess from interactions2 I would say 6% of followers.

Which brings me back to my point… If you have a load of followers and you make no impact to them followers, what’s the point? Of course, you can’t make them unfollow you (though there are apps for that), but at least stop asking and let them follow you by choice, eh?

Secondly, if you’re going to follow loads of people, just to do so (and perhaps gain followers in the process too), what’s the point in that? I think you should follow someone because you want to. I certainly don’t “judge” someone for the amount of followers they do/don’t have.

Note: The post was not intended to cause offence to anyone, nor was it targeted at anyone in particular. These are just my thoughts on the subject

1In this instance, I’m defining interact as a RT, favourite, reading, visiting links of a Tweet etc.

2In this instance I’m referring to the interactions I can see.(I.E. a reply, retweet, favourite). I can’t tell if somebody has read a Tweet…