Cleaning Away The Dust

Sadly, one of the things I used to enjoy most is slipping away from me the past few months. That being, blogging. One if the main reasons being, interest. My interest in things have changed, as have other people’s interests in reading it. But recently, I’m hoping to change that.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken some time to “reboot” the theme. (No, I’m not changing themes… again, I quite like this one!). Yes, I would love to do a major reboot, have my own design that I can use across many different sites, but the problem being, design. Something I’m not too good at. So for now, I’ll stick with an existing one.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t add some personal touches… which is exactly what I’ve done.

To begin with, on both sites:

  • I’ve added some lovely new social icons, which should look nice on all devices! (Though perhaps not with that colour scheme on here)
  • Styled post author comments! Now comments by the post author (in most cases me) are styled different, to stand out.
  • Dramatically improved the the mobile navigation. Before it used a script call “tinynav”, brilliant as this was. It was inconsistent across devices and couldn’t be styled very well
  • I’ve also removed about 6 scripts that were loaded and not needed, so all together loading should be that little bit faster!

On this site:

  • I’ve actually fixed the styles. Where some browsers would still show blue. Whoops.

On the main site:

  • I’ve placed a new font on there, I didn’t really like the capitalised one.
  • I’ve also tweaked the search bar with some nifty CSS animation. (Unless your in IE…, but I don’t like to support v7 or lower)

What I’m hoping with this? I’m really hoping that if I’ve put a little more personal touch into, I’ll put a little more effort into writing a bit more. But time shall tell eh?

P.S. If anybody wants to do me a lovely design out there, I certainly won’t say no!