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Learn By Doing

I’d started to realise that I’ve been a little bit neglective (is that even a real word?) towards this over the past few weeks. Whilst you may think it’s common, I told myself this year I wouldn’t take such long breaks in posting. I guess I didn’t stick to that advice eh? So I opted […]

Just The One – Step By Step

Now yesterday, I posted some lines of code, which to some, may look quite confusing! (I know they certainly did to me at first). So today I thought I’d walk through each line at perhaps make it a little bit clearer to others. Starting with the first block of code Now the first line begins […]

Poll: The Price of a Share

Some of you may have read my previous post “The Price of a Share” (if not, then why not read it now?). In response to that post, I’ve decided to run a poll, for your views on the sharing buttons. I’m running the poll on this site because it attracts more visitors (and this blog […]