I Hope You’ll Agreen

So for a few weeks now I’ve been debating with myself to create a second blog or not, at first it seemed like extra hassle, then I thought that it could be worth-while. Even if I just do a trial run for it.

This is that trial run

You see, on my “other blog” I not I was starting to post about some slightly more “geeky” things, things which didn’t interest others. In fact, I have stopped myself from posting a few “geeky” posts, other times I’ve posted them on the support site. But to me, that’s not a “blogging area” just a place to notify people of updates.

Now, whilst others may not mind, I could also risk loosing readers, those who aren’t interested in those subjects. And losing readers isn’t something I wanted to do.

Which is why I created this, I thought I’d open a second blog so people who were interested in nerdy things I had to rant about, could also read! Without boring those who weren’t interested. As for if it doesn’t take off? Well, I guess I still have a place for me to blog about things – even if nobody reads!

Here’s a little side note; I have tried to keep things the same, with the theme, layout although I didn’t want an exact match, so I have changed it to green. Which I’m … err… not 100% certain about, so do let me know your thoughts about that too!