It All Came Together

This is a follow on from my previous post “All Together Now

Originally I wasn’t going to write this post, but after reading back over the previous I felt I kind of left it open a bit

However, there is a second feature I want to try out, which is part of the reason I’m writing this now. That’s the “Publicize” feature. As you may guess, it posts this to the relevant social networks. Previously, I used a third-party RSS publish service for this. Which was more-or-less instant, give or take a few minutes (or so), now I will still be using that for the second, scheduled post, but for now, I’m checking this out.

I spoke about what it did, having not used it until that post, I couldn’t say from my point of view, but after using it I had mixed reviews; so here are my thoughts.

At the first set-up, I noticed there were no support (that I could see) for hashtags. This did put me off at first, but I thought, it’s a small thing, I won’t worry about it too much. Then came to the posting itself, at first I thought it was brilliant, as soon as I pressed post on the  blog, I noticed it had published to the relevent social networks before I could load them! – A brilliant feature, unless you make a spelling mistake.

The posting to Facebook looked very nice too, with a snippet of the post included and what looked like image support for it (although I didn’t have an image in the post). However, due to me not using Facebook that much I have decided to disable it for my profile and use it for the page only.


A Screenshot Of The Post On Facebook

Now, when it came to Twitter, again I was impressed by the speed, however, there was one thing that did put me off it (which resulted in me stop using it). The use of the WP.ME short URLs. Whilst these are great, I use my own short URLs, so this was no good to me. A shame really as I really liked the feature

…But the brought out an update which fixed this issue! So whilst I still can’t use hashtags, I can use my own short URL! All-in-all, I would recommend this feature very much! Although there is one thing I miss from the WP.ME URLs and that is the “Snippet” preview that was provided with it, still, nice to have my own URLs back.