All Together Now

It’s not often I write about products/services. But I just wanted to take a couple of moments to write my thoughts about the Jetpack plugin by Automattic. Which means yes, this might be a little bit of a nerdy post!

Since I set-up this blog (just over two years ago now. My first blog on this site was 20th October 2010 – but I’ll come into that in a later post) one of the first plugins I installed was the “ Stats”, again by Automattic. Pure and simply because I wanted to know who, if anyone was viewing the blog – as many blog writers/owners out there may know! But since then there have been a few changes to it, one of the main changes was when it became the Jetpack plugin – launched separately.

My personal take on this plugin, well I find it very useful as it’s allowed me to remove many other plugins that are now built into it. Such as a Mobile Theme plugin (although I now have a set theme), a Contact Form plugin, a Custom CSS feature to stop me from having to my my customizations from theme-to-theme and the email subscriptions plugin (they’re instant with this!). But the most recent update, 2.0 added some pretty new features too. One of them I have started to like is the “Infinite Scrolling” feature, similar to as you may see on social networks, you just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scro- you get the picture, no more clicking next page etc.

However, there is a second feature I want to try out, which is part of the reason I’m writing this now. That’s the “Publicize” feature. As you may guess, it posts this to the relevant social networks. Previously, I used a third-party RSS publish service for this. Which was more-or-less instant, give or take a few minutes (or so), now I will still be using that for the second, scheduled post, but for now, I’m checking this out.

Now, there are many, many more features I haven’t mentioned, such as the “Sharing” feature, which adds share buttons to your blog (although I prefer to use my own) and a comments system which I believe allows your to login through relevant social networks, although I haven’t checked that out. Long and the short of it, if you’re on a blog and are thinking of making the switch to, Jetpack will make that easier.

These are just my views and what I think about the plugin.