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Merry Christmas

Christmas day is finally here, the most exciting day of the month(s) for some, yet a day people dread for others. All-in-all, a majority of the time I believe they always turn out good! This year, as well as sending Christmas wishes to you all! I’d like to also share with you one of my […]

Read Without Leaving

Don’t you think the feature to view content within a Tweet is rather nifty? Let me explain further, you know on some Tweet’s there’s a “View Media” (Or “View Summary” or “View Photo” button which expands the Tweet and then displays further content, whether it be a news summary or a photo, you can agree […]

I Hope You’ll Agreen

So for a few weeks now I’ve been debating with myself to create a second blog or not, at first it seemed like extra hassle, then I thought that it could be worth-while. Even if I just do a trial run for it. This is that trial run You see, on my “other blog” I […]

The Not Expected, Expected

So the poll results are finally in, I must say these have both shocked me with the unexpected, yet shown what I had expected at the same time. Let me explain further; you see, since I took a while out of writing posts (almost a year I believe!) I had lost so much web traffic, […]

It All Came Together

It All Came Together

This is a follow on from my previous post “All Together Now” Originally I wasn’t going to write this post, but after reading back over the previous I felt I kind of left it open a bit However, there is a second feature I want to try out, which is part of the reason I’m […]