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  1. MikeChenery
    MikeChenery at |

    just to be little heather and slimmer to give me more energy

  2. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @MikeChenery Fair play to that too. Did the media provoke you in any way to do so?

  3. MikeChenery
    MikeChenery at |

    @itsdaniel0 no just a routine check up

  4. Chefkev
    Chefkev at |

    I’m walking along Littlehampton sea front. I try to walk alot , I need to be trimmer and healthier, no media bullying , an age choice, I’m not getting any younger , need to look after my health better 😉

  5. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @Chefkev Walking whilst reading my blog? A true fan I say! 😉

    Are you on diets then, or just exercise?

  6. Chefkev
    Chefkev at |

    No just being careful, trying to be active were possible, you can’t diet when ya on ya holidays !!!

    Yes texting and walking and watching where I’m going 😉

  7. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @Chefkev That is true – one of the reasons my mum is dieting now, for the holiday!

    Haha! You have learnt! 😛

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