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  1. MikeChenery
    MikeChenery at |

    you should blog for yourself after all its your site and if your topic is something you can write a long blog about the so be it if not then so be it @MikeChenery

  2. Chefkev
    Chefkev at |

    No question , as Mike says, its your Blog, you must Blog for yourself, end of 🙂 @itsdaniel0 @MikeChenery

  3. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @Chefkev @MikeChenery Thank you both for your comments, I shall look into my good ol’ short posts, however, they still seem to end up long no matter what.

  4. 1dinu
    1dinu at |

    blog for yourself 🙂 that’ll keep it coming, flowing 🙂

  5. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @1dinu Thank you! I’m quite shocked to see you over here actually ;-).

    I’m in the process of writing a “personal” blog now actually – which is for myself! :-).

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