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  1. MikeChenery
    MikeChenery at |

    so this should make it easier is that right

  2. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @MikeChenery Well, it should do! There’s also “Real-Time” comments, so you do not have to leave the page to see a new comment – which is a pretty cool feature too!

  3. LucasAnderson
    LucasAnderson at |

    This is pretty good. I just hate the nonanon feature. I know it leaves to an spam attack, but just add an captcha 😉

  4. LucasAnderson
    LucasAnderson at |

    Fixed RSS Btw.

  5. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @LucasAnderson See, I did not mind the anonymous, although having said that I did undergo a spam attack a few weeks back (in which case I had to up CloudFlare to it’s highest level and close comments on old articles).

    I did used to have a maths feature, but apparently it didn’t work (I never tested it myself). But these comments activate one plugin, whilst deactivating about 4 others!

  6. jennalanger
    jennalanger at |

    Hey Daniel, thanks for the write up about Livefyre! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback, we’re always iterating and we’re here to help. Cheers!

  7. LucasAnderson
    LucasAnderson at |

    @itsdaniel0 I’m not sure how to set up CloudFlare.

    I guess I will try this!

  8. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @LucasAnderson CloudFlare is a pretty simple process, plugin their NS, they import your DNS and off you go. Something as quick and simple as that anyway!

    Try out Livefyre? I thought you were a Disqus fan 😉

  9. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @jennalanger No problem about the write up, thank you for the comment! I already have contacted you, twice, both with instant replies. I am quite impressed with the Support! However I do have one more question. Is it possible to “sort” comments? Newest first, Oldest first etc. Or are they always displayed with the newest comment first?

  10. jennalanger
    jennalanger at |

    @itsdaniel0 Awesome, good to know you’re getting taken care of 🙂 Sorting comments is in development right now and wil be released soon. Thanks!

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  12. LucasAnderson
    LucasAnderson at |

    @itsdaniel0 DisQus is less functional though. I kinda changed fans with livefyre now. lol.

  13. itsdaniel0
    itsdaniel0 at |

    @LucasAnderson Haha! Glad to hear you are liking them 🙂

  14. Coolest
    Coolest at |

    I have just started using Livefyre personally and it seems pretty awesome. Haven’t figured it all out yet for example, just noticed the pts score beside the user name.

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    black mold removal at |

    I absolutely agree about livefyre. Livefyre is awesome and great, many famous bloggers are switch to livefyre. I’ve been using livefyre a couple of months ago and it truly works to me.

  16. Charlotte74
    Charlotte74 at |

    I made the switch to Livefyre from Disqus and have been loving it.

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