Let’s See How This Goes

Okay, so I felt I should post something tonight seeing as I haven’t in a while… But then I stumbled off the re-occurring issue of what to say. So I guess I’m just gonna type and see where I get with this eh?

One thing I do need to say is remember a few blogs ago I mentioned I launched a Chrome Extension, well I’ve been working on that. (Here comes the nerdish stuff, I’ll put this in blue so you can skip it) Originally I teamed up with a company called Conduit to create it. I’ve scrapped them and decided to go solo, re-developed the extension. The new extension can now be downloaded from here (Chrome Users Only). I have been working on one for Firefox, but it’s just not as simple. I’ll try my best to get there!

Let’s see.. What else… Urm, well I’m switching Broadband Providers, so I guess we’ll see how all this comes along. Other than that, not that it was really much at all I have nothing. Usually at a point like this I’d leave you with a random image, but instead, tonight I’ll leave you with a random song.