Excited To See You

Now maybe this is just me, maybe I’m just weird. But do you ever get that little bit excited when you unintentionally see someone?

I did this earlier, I was on my way home and then my mum drove past me and for some bizarre reason I got ever so excited about it and waved like such a fool. Then I realised, this wasn’t the first time I’ve done this, whenever I see my mum I get weirdly excited. Hmm, you’re all judging me now aren’t you? Thing is (I’m sure I’m contradicting myself here) but it doesn’t really happen when I see someone I “know”, I mean, there’s “knowing” someone and knowing someone. As in, talking to them regularly, or just knowing their name and what they look like. If I recognise someone I try my best to avoid them at all costs, I hate being seen whilst out. But if I know someone i talk to, I get that weird excited feeling.

You know, reading parts of this back, it doesn’t make sense, but I’m sure you’ll get my drift.


P.S. I need to know, does Facebook Connect work for you? Or at least, does the button show?

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  1. Amy
    Amy at |

    ^ This may explain the time I was with you, and you saw your mum and skipped across the road to her all excitedly.. :’)

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