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Christmas Countdown; The Lowdown

Christmas Countdown; The Lowdown

I was supposed to post this on Saturday, but me being me I decided to post it last minute, just like I always do with my work . So here’s the basic lowdown, 2010 is the “Digital Era” so I decided to move Advent Calendars online. Throughout of December I aim to post a funny […]

Mobile Users, You Are Once Again Loved

I’ve spent a majority of this afternoon updating the mobile site. Mobile users can now login (With Twitter Only) and have the availability to use the Share, Like and Tweet Button like Desktop users. This update also includes a navigation block located at the bottom of the page with a list of both pages and […]

You Squashed It!

You Squashed It!

Morning all.. Well, it’s not really morning but it’s cold, so it’s classed as morning until 1pm which means it is morning so I should cut to the chase. I moved the sidebars on the right so they don’t go down the page as much. I just need your ideas on them, after all you […]

Baby You’re A Firework

Take a look at this, I’m a fan of this guys remixes anyway (He did the Ke$ha one I had on my site the other week). 16 hours old, that’s pretty fresh to me and perfect time to listen to it during the adverts between Xfactor and I’m A Celeb!

I’m Happy To Announce…

That is finally back online, the 48hours are up and everything (appears to be) working fine. Let me give you a quick overview of what’s happened. Two new pages have now been added, these now include a Contact page and a Privacy Policy page. These pages have been created for your safety, they explain […]

This Is Where You Come In

So Now We Just… Sit And Wait

I’m bored of it, you’re bored of it… So let’s just stop it here. I’ve spent the past day working my arse off getting this fixed, I think (hope) I’ve finished it all off ( but I can’t give an official word until 48 hours are up… So until Friday, it’s a sit and wait […]

Ever Had A Problem With Click Here!

In order to fix all problems I’m going to need help from anyone who’s ever had a problem with the site. If you have had issues please let me know in the comments below or email me directly ([email protected]). Please also use this email to contact me regarding any other issues towards the site or […]

Site Maintenance

Every now and then things break or just need tweaking… Or sometimes they never worked from the start. I don’t know if you remember but at the start I managed to lock myself out and then had a lot of issues with the site there after. You see, I never did fix these and now […]

What Is

I just have to point out a few quick couple of things, as you may notice I know longer use “” I use “”. However, there IS a difference between "” and “” one links to the site, the other links to the shortener. Usually you shouldn’t have to worry about this, but if you […]